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Hello and an introduction

Upon completion of my previous project, the wizard's house, I realised something startling. No one wanted a place to relax and simply chit chat. They either wanted to pvp the entire house or RP eveything through dice ("roll to see if you laugh at my joke"), and thus the entire point of it was ruined. Oh well, learning the nwn online community a bit more each day. SO. I created(and am still creating) something much more suited to my tastes and theres. A samurai mod using both my own creations and editing a few existing hakpaks. I have not yet decided if I will simply make it a one land place for people online to come, or an entire mod with multiple areas that people can play offline too, quests, etc. Regardless, I am very proud of my recent work and would like to show off some screenshots to get some excitement going, that way when it is released I have avid bug reporters! No NPC's yet, just a solid layout of the outside and one of the inside houses. :D Enjoy!

Here we are sitting beside the entrance bridges looking over the water.

Ah yes, my seppuku script. If you equip the Wakiashi and use the special power, it allows you to commit seppuku, killing yourself at the meditation temple. RP, historically done, whatever the reason, I'm proud of it. This is a shot just after the character finished meditating for 7 seconds(part of the seppuku script)

And here he is again, dead.

On a lighter note, I am not sitting beside the village temple, surrounded by cheery blossoms and maple leaf trees. A tiny pond with a bridge across from me, and what I think, a beautiful scene. Oh, and see that temple? You can go up onto the second ledge as it is walkable :D

Taking the nightly patrol near the race patties.

Meditating in one of the homes.

Wide shot of the village houses.

A deadly ninja looking OMFG so 31337.

Another town shot, this time from the side.

Samurai Armor, one of the choices. Partial armor on the torso and arms, and normal kendo HUGE legged pants.

Samurai helmet with the above armor, wielding a Naginata.

Samurai Armor, the second choice. Full armor on torso, arms, and legs.

Good old kimono.

Sunset training on the practice grounds.

Taking on a group of ninjas with a Dai-Katana.

Another Dai-Katana shot

Taking on the same group of ninjas, but now using a katana and a wakashi(forget spelling, im tired) at the same time.

Archery practice on the training field. Each target and dummy have training scripts which keep the dummies at full health at all times. The dummies give a set "training hp" amount that you have to take away before reciving experience, in which the "training hp" amount is automagically set by the level of the person using it. Not an exp cow, just good fun with a bit of exp on the side.
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