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Two NWN Scripting Questions:

I have two problems. The first is that I'm trying to get an NPC to kneel and pray when not being talked to. I pulled the script from CH.2 of the main campaign and changed the names, but I can't get the guy to kneel on the waypoint.

Also, I've placed an invisible object, renamed the tag and the object, and I've got a trigger that when you walk in it, the invisible object is the recipient of some text so you get a description when you enter an area. Unfortunately, in the game, it says "Invisible Object: 'TEXT'".

How can I get it to stop saying invisible object?

Here's that script:

void main()
object oEnteree = GetEnteringObject();
object oRuins = GetObjectByTag("RuinedPillar");
AssignCommand(oRuins, ActionSpeakString("The pillar is ancient. The designs are elven. They are reminiscent of Cormanthor. There may be more elven ruins nearby."));

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